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Alaska state bird & flower (Willow Ptarmagin & Alpine Forget Me Not) A Willow Ptarmigan, the state bird of Alaska, and some forget me nots, state flowers, decorate this lovely porcelain plate, The forget me not is the state flower of Alaska. with The wild, little, Alpine Forget-Me-Nots officially became Alaska's state flower in 1917, before Alaska officially became a state. Such as it is with this lovely little bloom. There is much symbolism in the floriography of the "Forget Me Not": true and undying love; remembrance when parted from loved ones or even after death; a visceral connection that lasts through time; and fidelity and loyalty in a relationship, despite the challenges of separation. Symbolic of remembrance of the Armenian Genocide that started in 1915, the Forget Me Not is also an icon of the Alzheimer's Society, used to raise awareness for this debilitating disease that makes our loved ones forget. But this design is not just a tribute to this lovely little flower, it also pays homage to our 49th state, Alaska. Most think of glaciers and ice and snow and cold when they think of Alaska. As nearly one-third of the state resides within the Arctic Circle, that's understandable. However, in 1915, Alaska experienced a record-breaking high of 100 degrees (F). Of course, in 1971, they experiencecd a record-setting low of -80 degrees (F). Some of Alaska's terrain is quite mountainous. Mount McKinley, in Alaska's interior, is the highest point in North America at 20,320 above sea level. In fact, seventeen of the twenty highest peaks in the United States are in Alaska. When you think of volcanos, you might (reasonably) think of our 50th state, Hawaii. However, Alaska's Mount Augustine erupted as recently as 1986. If you remember your American history, you know that the purchase of Alaska (at a price of two cents per acre) was once called "Seward's Folly" since Secretary of State, William Seward made the offer to buy it from Russia. The subsequent "gold rush" of 1880 and the more recent discovery of what is thought to be the largest oil field in North America proves Seward's offer was anything but folly. In addition, most of America's salmon, crab, halibut and herring come from Alaska. Alaska is the largest state in the United States and is more than twice the size of Texas. To better put this into perspective, the distance from Jacksonville Beach, Florida to San Diego, California is roughly 2,365 miles; Alaska is 2,700 miles wide. Given it's rich (pun intended) history, it might surprise you to learn that the state motto for Alaska is, "North to the Future". This delightful design, celebrating the 49th addition to the United States, offers an outline of the state of Alaska, filled with their state flower, the wild, Alpine Forget-Me-Not and topped with a striking, purple "Alaska" on this delightful souvenir tumbler. with A magnet decorated with a Willow Ptarmigan walking in a patch of forget-me-not wildflowers with the Alaskan tundra and snow-covered mountains in the background painted with watercolor. Inspired by the state bird and state flower of Alaska..