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Anyone would love to receive this vintage Australian travel poster postcard featuring a retro illustration of a black cockatoo in Australia!? It is a reproduction of a vintage Australian travel poster by British artist Eileen Mayo, who is best known for her animal prints. This beautiful vintage poster features the Black Cockatoo sits on a Banksia branch. Stunning wall decor for your home or office. An ideal gift for your loved ones or any collector of retro travel ads and art. ! This poster features a digital art drawing of a cute Australian red-tailed black cockatoo in blue tones in front of a circular decorative mandala design and surrounded by four hibiscus flowers. Australia, Queensland, Port Douglas. Wildlife Habitat Zoo. Detail of Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo, male (Calyptorhynchus magnificus) | Cindy Miller Hopkins / DanitaDelimont.com, Glossy Black Cockatoo Pair? Black and white cockatoo animal portrait wood poster. A range of modern photography design watercolor effect for animal lovers to decor your home, nursery or office. Great for yourself or as a gift! Personalize it by adding your own name or other text to it. See my store for more items with this image.. Australian vintage travel poster of a black cockatoo ! The Red Tailed Black Cockatoo is also known as the Banksian Back Cockatoo. It is more common to see one of these birds in the dryer part of Australia. These birds have different calls than the white sulphur crested cockatoos. The blacks have a shrill sharp kree call. This bird was the official mascot of the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. and Vintage poster of an Australian Black Cockatoo. and This photographic print features a portrait of an adorable red-tailed black cockatoo with its feathers puffed out against a dark blue background. This poster features a photographic portrait of an adorable Australian red-tailed black cockatoo with the blue in its feathers enhanced. This palm cockatoo was rendering from 1822 as part of a multi-volume dictionary by Jean Baptiste Geneviève Marcellin (1778-1846)., Black Cockatoo Poster Print, following the latest trends in home decor, is ideal to renew your walls. (or) A Pair of Red tailed, black (Banksian) Cockatoos. These beautiful birds are native to Australia. The adult male is generally around 60 centimeters (24 in) in length. The females are black with yellow-orange stripes in the tail and chest, and yellow grading to red spots on the cheeks and wings. They are a magnificent sight in flight and can be very loud. This is an image from an 18th century artist, which I have digitized and cleaned up. I have also attempted to restore the vibrancy of the colors, which the acid in the old prints has yellowed and faded. Check out the store – realaussie – for the various items with this image on, from t-shirts through coffee mugs, cards, prints cushions and much much more. ,