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Products of classroom reading posters

Books - Reading poster Books can was away from your soul, the dust from everyday life. Words at Work Literacy poster with the message: one world....many stories. Celebrating the joys of literacy and embracing the beauty of diversity and culture through literature. Reading starts our journey and connects us through story. Designate a spot in your classroom for reading with this colorful and inviting poster! + A magical reading poster to promote literacy in the classroom! Features the original photography of Susan R. Wood, a psychologist in Iowa....A fun literacy poster featuring two kittens "reading". Created especially for classroom use. + A captivating poster about the magic of books! Perfect for displaying in school libraries, classrooms, or school doors! Surround students with positive messages about reading and the magic of books! + Beautifully vivid colors are the feature of this literacy poster. Read and color your mind!...This unique collection of posters are designed especially for booklovers! Show your love for good books and the power of the written word with these gorgeous and inspiring posters....Support interest in books and reading by surrounding children in positive messages about reading. This fun, colorful poster is perfect for the classroom or library/media center. Several paper options available--you choose!...Beautiful leaves are the star; reading is the big message! Support literacy by displaying inviting visual reminders and conveying positive messages about reading and books. Perfect for classrooms, libraries, school offices, book nooks, or a child's room. and Books - Bringing Knowledge and Entertainment to Bored People for over 600 Years! This original design promoting books and reading is fun for both kids and adults. Great for classroom or home library or study. Pop art style with retro colors makes a bold statement. © 2013 Visuaria Publishing. + A beautiful poster with understated classic elegance and a positive message. Perfect for a classroom literature class or a home library/reading area. Designed with soft neutral colors to match any room's decor. Available in this size only., A classroom literacy poster that conveys the simple joy of reading books. While learning to read may be work, the rewards of reading are magical! This captivating print illustrates for children the idea of how our minds need to play as much as our bodies need to move. A wonderful conversation to inspire young readers! with I can vouch for the fact, as I have them myself - unframed AND matted with frame, that Zazzle posters are TOP QUALITY (and I am the QUEEN of criticism if anything is less). I love this and did pay the Extended License Fee to legally use it on my Zazzle here for you. Enjoy! Please see my Treats for Teachers category for a full line of popular teacher products for the classroom and gifts. Thanks, Sharon Rhea Ford , NBCT - ART(www.zazzle.com/sharonrhea*) Please Bookmark me and come to Zazzle via my link ! It helps my art students. Please choose semi gloss or higher for a fabulous poster ... : )I always use semi gloss. (or) Books and reading poster Read to be Free with watercolor-filled letters on black background makes nice wall decor for home library, childrens room, school classroom, literacy group, or library. Stress the importance of reading with a fun, colorful poster. with A fun literacy poster that illustrates the magical transformation of "learning to read" to "reading to learn". It is then that the joy of reading begins! Students will love the fun detailing in this poster. or Do you still read past your bed time? Are books an addiction? This fun loving poster was made for you. Also a fun poster for a classroom or library. and This funny educational reading poster has a cartoon dog reading a book. The book has a picture of a scared cat on the cover, and the title is, "How to Meet Cats." The wall poster says "Read!" in large, yellow letters. You can change this in the template if you want. Click the customize button to change the font or color. This is great for teachers or librarians, in the classroom or library, or a child's room. Kids will enjoy the humorous poster design and cute animals. ! Reading is fun and so good for your brain! This fun classroom poster features a cute dog reading about dogs in history. This poster is produced on high quality, glossy paper and is a great addition to a classroom reading nook or a child's room. Surround students with fun, positive messages about reading! + Display this anything but the word "said" poster in your classroom. Great for english, reading, and writing teachers/educators that are tired of their students using the incredibly non-descriptive yet all too common word to indicate when a person is speaking. The perfect tool for students of all ages from elementary, middle, high school and beyond....This poster displays a picture of a chalkboard with "I [heart] LANGUAGE ARTS" in white font. This poster is a great gift for English, literature, or language arts teachers. Quote on reading from Douglass, Surround students in positive messages about books and reading. This literacy poster features a "page heart". Personalize with a teacher name, room number, or grade level to make it extra special and meaningful. + The perfect classroom poster designed to inspire positive thinking about reading. Created especially for intermediate and high school students but would be appropriate in any setting, particularly classes with struggling readers who need positive messages about the value of literacy. (or) The perfect wall decor for your book nook or library corner, this bright and colorful rainbow is topped by simple blue text letters that spell out an important message, READ. The rainbow colors in this poster are great for brightening up any space whether its a home, office, classroom or library. This poster features a funny, quirky illustration of a white cat with purple glasses that shares the word "READ" with bold letters. This poster would make eye catching wall decor for a classroom reading book, kids room, children's book corner at a library or bookstore. + Excite and motivate students with positive visual messages about reading! This delightfully whimsical and colorful poster features a boy taking an adventure while reading and learning about snakes. A fun classroom literacy poster! Created to convey a positive message in the classroom about reading.? Change the name, etc. to yours. Have fun with it. I did pay the Extended License Fee to legally offer this great image on my products here for you. Thanks, Sharon Rhea Ford , NBCT - ART(www.zazzle.com/sharonrhea*) Please Bookmark me and come to Zazzle via my link. Here's to a great school year! ... . Fun poster to inspire reading in young children. Perfect for a classroom, book nook, library/media center, or a child's room. and Cool and awesome poster for those who love to read books and novels. Keep calm and read on. Background color can be customized to your desired color.. A beautiful digitally colored vintage photograph of Helen Keller as she enjoys the scent of a rose and reads a book written in brail. Perfect for classrooms and literary fans....Captivating poster that underscores that books and reading are not only words on a page but magical with a little stardust thrown in! Featured as a smaller size poster, perfect for a classroom door or other small spaces in a classroom or library/media center. Also ideal for a home library, den, or book nook. Created on high quality, semi-glossy paper with crystal clear print and images. ! This unique collection of posters are designed especially for booklovers! Show your love for good books and the power of the written word with these gorgeous and inspiring posters. with Surround students with positive messages about the benefits of reading. This fun poster features a book that is "sprouting" greenery to symbolize how books help to "grow" minds. This poster features a quality, glossy finish.? Inspire students with positive messages about the power of reading with this original poster design..