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Christmas gift idea mens fashion funny novelty style CRISPY BACON MATTERS tee shirt! Order yours today! HURRY! or My cute little skeleton who has been sitting out in the hot sun for a bit to long, on men's royal blue t-shirt.. A bacon weave pattern that can be scaled to different sizes and tiled and rotated as you wish as well as customize it with your own pics and/or text. + Humorous little skeleton has something pretty funny to say, on men's royal blue t-shirt. with Show off your love for BACON!!!!. Show off your love for BACON!!!! + Some like their bacon a little on the crispy side. Others do not. We all have our preferences! You can change the text on this to say whatever you'd like, however. And, this design can be purchased on any of the clothing items offered also....Masks are not a fashion accessory, but they do take up a fair amount of real estate on your face. And so it’s not surprising that people are looking for aesthetically pleasing ones. It’s likely that masks will start to become fashion items, rather than merely functional....Bacon Christmas Tree Egg Top Pork Lover Gift or Take drinking shirt sayings to the next funny level with a famous scifi movie quote.I Need Your Bacon, Your Beer and Your Motorcycle. Don't forget to say please... Black terminator font. ! I love bacon, crispy delicious bacon with a red heart and sizzling bacon strips.. This is a whimsical tee for (a) all Amateur Radio Operators who love bacon (b) A spoof of "ham" which is where bacon comes from (c) and aging! I've titled this "A Crispy Ham" which jokingly refers to an older Ham who has been around for a while and is a "crisp, sharp operator on the air." So rather than have a pig as an operator as so many do, I've changed a strip of bacon into a Ham Radio Operator. :) You can customize this with a Call Sign or Name below the graphic also. I put this on a beige t-shirt to go with the brown tones of the bacon. But it looks good on white, grey, or put it on any color you choose. You "might" have to change the font color, however. Designed by Sheila Cicchi Brownielocks.com All Rights Reserved. ! And he NOT buy bacon. (or) Perfect for the meat lover, bacon-enthusiast in your life! Strips of crisply cooked bacon form a striped pattern over dark charcoal gray background. You can almost hear the sizzle, smell the smoke and taste the BACON, BACON, BACON!!!, Protect yourself and others with this fun tasty bacon designed face mask. (or) You can't go wrong with bacon. No matter how you make it -- in a skillet, the oven, or even deep fried -- bacon is always delicious.