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Strawberry Fields Cartoon Ringer shirt She's NYC’s ravishing redhead! Strawberry Fields is a live singing professional female impersonator with a vintage style all her own! Now for the first time you can get some of her new merchandise, including this fabulous new photo button!! What are you waiting for? Buy one now, and grab some stickers on the way out too! ! Yas Queen Badge button Pin and A drag queen eye with a green iris (or green contacts) and huge lashes in the dark green background (red as in "Yes" - "You can stay"). And of course, RuPaul's famous "shante, you stay" quote from his song "Supermodel" and the reality competition Drag Race. You, too, can feel like Mr. Charles and show people that you'd like them to stay close to you by pointing to this button, no tee, no shade. You'll be a button for trouble with my green bling. and 2011 by Mark Thaler + Show your love of Drag Queens, hunty! ! 2011 by Mark Thaler ! Buy all three buttons (man, woman, drag queen) and switch them out depending on your mood! That'll keep them guessing! ! Button Template Start your engines drag racers. + Start your engines drag racers., 2011 by Mark Thaler. Miss Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanjie. + "Not today Satan, not today," comes from the show RuPauΙ's Drag Race, and was said by season 6's winner Βianca Del Riο who served us some clown realness. The meaning means the devil a.k.a. Satan will not get in your way today. [urban dictionary] You may edit the text. with Bottom with one of the sentences most famous of drag queen RuPaul !