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Products of face shield

These custom face shields are the perfect back to school supplies for school teachers and students. Personalize these face shields with a teacher's name, school, or a student's name. Help flatten the curve while keeping social distancing. Clear plastic face shields are often easier to wear for people who glasses. Cloth face masks can fog glasses and are difficult to keep on your face. Full face shields are better than face mask covers in you don't touch your face as often and easier to see facial expressions.? A simple monogram for any lady. This girly version includes a script name in the bottom right hand corner. Minimal design makes this a perfect cover without blocking your view. You can change the color if you click on the customize link and choose a different shade. and Pretty rainbow ombre face shield. Perfect for a simple, colorful look. Great for hair stylists and salon workers. Great for anyone working around kids, children or in pediatrics.? The Cute Spring Daisy Flowers Face Shield has seven, white daisies on the upper side of the shield and on daisy on the opposite lower side. Spring floral and flower theme, in a cute and trendy style. Face shields are an additional, voluntary public health measure to help slow the spread. or Sparkly and girly this rose gold tiara features a large diamond in the center top and a smaller diamond below. Add glitter and style to your face shield.. Fun face shield featuring a Welsh Corgi Dog peering out and your custom text below. Add a name, encouraging words, etc. Or easily delete the text. Perfect for a nurse, Veterinarian, someone who works with kids or anyone who loves dogs and animals. with This face shield features a faux rainbow glitter butterfly design This feminine face shield features a photo of cheerful yellow sunflowers to crown your day with beauty. Great for women or girls....Whimsical face shield with cute delicate stars - great for anyone working with kids - teachers, dentists, hairdressers, pediatricians, etc. ! A face shield of a cute little flying bee leaving a heart trail as it flies. The pun text reads "Bee safe"....This fun face shield features a blackboard band on the forehead, with a lovely flower and a cute apple in white chalk. Easily customizable by adding your name in white font. The main section is completely transparent for an optimal vision and to put your little students at ease. Add your own name to this cute flower theme mask. ! Beautiful watercolor style floral design. with Be a princess with a purple glitter tiara. Add text if desired by clicking on the CUSTOMIZE FURTHER tab or contact the designer if you'd like this design modified. and Protect your whole face with this clear face shield. This shield features a small removable black monogram near the lower corner. Easily change or remove the monogram by clicking Personalize this Template. + Personalized face shield with A cute unicorn design and your name adorn this protective face mask. Add your name by following the "Personalize this template" link.? Create your own unique goldfish face shield and personalize it with your name or monogram initials! This fun, aquatic theme design illustrated by Raphaela Wilson depicts swimming koi / gold fish svg artwork that you can change to any color... In the background are opaque, royal blue water waves and bubbles - giving the appearance that you are submerged underwater in a goldfish bowl / tank. Colorful and cute, these clear plastic masks can be great for him, her and the kids. Category: diy create your own face shield pattern; fish face shields for men and women; and simple cute face shields. Aquarium color theme: golden orange; light royal blue, and white. (or) Create your own company logo face shields by easily changing the branding colors on the bands, and inserting your business logo image. The professional design on these clear plastic personalized business logo face masks allow you to simply click on the color bands and change it to your matching corporate colors... Even if your marketing calls for a different number of brand colors, you can simply add or remove svg graphic bands on this easy to use DIY template. You can additionally add more custom text, such as a tagline or address field, etc., or delete to leave this space blank. For both a large or small business, hospital/clinic, or purely for promotional reasons, these elegant company logo face masks can make a professional, personalized, branded covering for your employees. Category: template face shields for men and women; employee face masks; and business logo face shields. 4 color palette: dark blue/royal blue, gray, black and white. Modern Personalized Name Astronaut Space Helmet is a cool kid friendly design that is meant to look like an astronaut helmet. This design is personalizable with a space for your name on the microphone you can choose not to put a name if you don't want to. #space #astronaut #personalized #personalizable #name #cool #funny #health #medical #cartoon This face shield features a cute unicorn horn and purple and aqua flowers design with stars and faux gold glitter elements. Personalize it with a name. If you don't need the name you can delete the sample text. + Colorful Dinosaur silhouette pattern to Personalize. Tyrannosaurus Rex, titanosaurs, Triceratop, raptors, Ankylosaurs, Dino-Birds, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Pteranodon and more in a colorful pattern in a blue background, and dinosaurs in green, blue, yellow and orange. + Illustration of red apple with floral design and custom name.. High quality printed face shields personalized with your own prints or patterns. One of the overlooked aspects of facial coverings in our opinion is the lack of human connection. With everyone wearing masks we are missing out on much needed facial expressions. Because everyone smiles in the same language!!! Facial emotional expressions are important social cues in everyday interaction. Behavioral data suggest that human facial expressions communicate both the emotional state of the poser and behavioral intentions or action demands to the perceiver. Did you know there are 19 types of smiles? So show off those pearly whites while still using measures to slow the spread. Also those who are hearing impaired will appreciate the ability to still read lips to understand for sure what you are saying. Add your custom wording to this design by using the "Edit this design template" boxes on the right hand side of the item, or click the blue "Customize it" button to arrange the text, change the fonts and colours and to also add additional information or images to this design. Click "Customize Further" to open up full editing options. If you need any coordinating items, (thank you cards, etc.) please contact me for a custom order. ****For custom requests you need my help with, do not place this merchandise in your cart. Instead, email me your request at lauralise@iyhtvdesigns.com A link to your merchandise will be emailed to you once the item is available. You can use that link to place your order. Please allow up to 48 hours.? Be a princess with a sparkly silver glitter tiara. Add text if desired by clicking on the CUSTOMIZE FURTHER tab or contact the designer if you'd like this design modified. Girly Rose Gold - Blush Pink Ombre Sparkle and Glitter Grand Reopening Glam Luxury Hair Salon, Beauty Store, Eyelashes, Nails, Makeup, Microblading, Lashes, Hair Stylist or Make Up Artist Business Face Shield. This simple modern and elegant personalized design is perfect for reopening your business after covid-19 (coronavirus) with proper health and safety requirements in place for your Customer, Client and Employees. or Cute cartoon kitty cat design is great for anyone that loves animals and cats works with toddlers kids, children or in pediatrics!. Cute football baseball basketball soccer sports design is great for anyone that loves to coach or works with kids, children or in pediatrics! with Fun and cute face shield featuring a diving mask with a snorkel, and little marine creatures: three colorful fish with air bubbles, a lovely crab, orange and pink starfish, and seaweeds. or Be a princess with a rose gold pink glitter tiara. Add text if desired by clicking on the CUSTOMIZE FURTHER tab or contact the designer if you'd like this design modified., Fun face shield with cute 'be Kind' text in cute typography lettering in black and white, atop a pretty pastel colored hearts string. Show off your friendly and personal style when you step outside, go grocery shopping or take your dog for a walk with you. Feel cute and hip during activities outside the house and staying at safe distance in public while wearing this cool and fun faceshield. (or) Simple elegant and trendy girly face shield. Design features a name in black handwritten lettering and red heart. and Back to School Colorful Cute Color Crayons Modern and Elegant COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Monogram, Add Your Own Name Face Mask. This Face Mask can be used by Doctors, Nurses, Hair Stylists, Beauty Salon, Makeup Artist, Massage and Spa, Eye Lash, Eye Brow, Restaurant Workers, Waitress, and Health and Employees Teachers, Students. Preschool. Teachers, Daycare Providers, and Business Essential Employees.. Design and create your own personalized kids face shield. Perfect protection, your custom youth face shield will wow everyone you social distance with at home or at school! ! Design and create your own personalized adult face shield. Perfect protection, your custom face shield will wow everyone you social distance with. and This face shield features a cute unicorn horn and flowers design with stars and faux gold glitter elements. Personalize it with a name. If you don't need the name you can delete the sample text.