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This iPhone 6 plus case design features a black line drawing of a French-style silver flute, a bit sketchy and nebulous; the clear acrylic will allow the famous logo on the back to be seen as part of the picture. The initials displayed are easily edited to match that of the owner or deleted altogether, if preferred....Three graceful black line drawings of a flute, composed of elegant swirls and flourishes, are posed on this pen, making it the perfect writing accessory in the home or studio of a flutist. and Put a flute and your name on it. With this stamp, you can easily do just that: a first and last name in a graceful, contemporary script typeface are simple to edit (or remove, as preferred) in order to appear below an elegant line drawing of that wind instrument, all swirls and flourishes. and This larger-sized sticky note design features a graceful sketch of a flute, all elegant swirls and calligraphic flourishes, placed upright at the left edge. At the bottom is a name, which can be modified or removed altogether, as preferred. The light gray hue chosen for the paper is reminiscent of a flute's typically silver construction; a different look can be achieved by choosing one of the other available background colors. or