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words read as - ' Strange Liberty ' commemorate, condemn, even celebrate, a 'Great War' centenary another mystery of history , that rhymes, with now money is made, power is got, more property bought new divisions get taught, and taut special provocateurs are sought, battles need fought 'hereditary' political, commercial, military and gentry classes believed 'higher evolved' than the ragged masses now there's no Barbary Coast, plantation slaves are memory workhouses and factories remain the remedy Imperial investments in young democracies, growing economies fed rule reserved, consuming fat digits from fractional counting colonialism, capitalism, communism, all cite social darwinism 'to make machines of men that do not err' a famous industrialist, abolitionist once said, and Marx is not long dead some say pity the pleb, educate them 1,2,3 - A,B,C, fight for God, King and Country Majesties of Sovereignties are Royals of one family, kissing cousins, warring cousins, no more holidays Scandi, what would grandma Vic say Cousin Kaiser crazy, and naughty cousin Nicki, covet cousin Georgie "for a place in the sun", and are first to the slaughter soon, new, hide your line-Windsors, lock up your daughters inbred breeds deficiency, blue-bloods need clean stock for fecundity demorganatise your marriages, fund modern legitimacy excellence lads of privilege play 'The Great Game' with earth and flesh among their toys, proud Lord K, now a poster boy he's destined a disputed death at sea, the hero on a coin next century a record of propaganda per capita, this huge success in marketing public-relating business-states-men open wars floodgates with waves of popularity, bloomin' millions march triumphantly to mustard and mud, the 'lie' of the land, fodder, corrupted, soiled in their blood few left unscathed, some a fate of lunacy, others escape an amputee most return to poverty, the rest lay dead, the waste, the cost, more for the 'enemy', civilian and friendly the news is good, war is lost and won, incorporated empires begun dealings in banking made a killing, for families of ranking technology got tested, chemical 'solutions', 'advanced' machinery, their effects medicines and weaponry, now set for big industry fresh-oil nations created, fuel lucrative dictators, a new order formed less feudal and royal, more boardroom and global, standard and mobil black gold knows no boundaries, markets soar in the twenties fat cats roar 'life is jazzy', shopkeepers aspire to be classy womens suffrage capital bosses no longer ignore they've worked long hours, for years, on the factory floor human zoos are an Aristo-Bourgeois trend, King George and Queen Mary attend for Science and Religion, Eugenics is a friend, racial and social hygiene, mutating producing issues of mating, for fascists to nurture, call it nature the fit and the rich, right race, are cultured, and birth is causal the poor deserve this deprived, hungry limbo, wearing rags still a sumptuary symbol some workers, disgruntled, get unionized , veterans want rights for their sacrifice but most are grateful^, to afford milk, legal meat, every couple of weeks proud patriots so many fought, to win this existence, conditioned for subsistence it's meant to be, take comfort, at least the air is free, such is this strange liberty (or) As a candidate for President in the 2012 elections, Herman Cain is like a breath of fresh air in bringing forth strong common sense business principles and a tea party philosophy of limited government....The free market is by far the most transformative of all economic systems. The pursuit of wealth through private sector capitalism toward ownership of personal property drives our economy. Nationalization of industry cannot sustain our prosperity...let it be! with Chairman of the Federal Reserve in a very bad mood, behind the bars of the American flag. or Had Mitt Romney secured the republican nomination du the 2008 presidential election instead of John McCain, he would have defeated Barack Obama and America's economic landscape would be a much more tolerable environment, today.?