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Products of free republican stickers

Ama-gi is an ancient Sumerian word, thought to denote "freedom" or "liberty." It is believed to be the first expression of the concept in writing. Literally translated, it means "return to the mother," inasmuch as former slaves were "returned to their mothers," (i.e., freed)., Legalize Capitalism + Sometimes a simple definition can leave a more lasting impression than a complex one. Capitalism is very good at taking natural self-interest and using it as the driving force in a person's desire to meet others' needs. After all, you can't sell something nobody wants, even your labor. Educate your fellow commuter. Wear this sticker. or The 'black cat', also called the "wild cat" or "sabot-cat", usually with an arched back and with claws and teeth bared, is closely associated with anarchism, especially with anarcho-syndicalism. (or) This is what we're all about. + The difference between Democrats and Republicans..."Capitalism: It Only Works If You Do!" Bumper Sticker, These products feature two great quotes from former President Ronald Reagan. ! Trump free zone - anti-Trump sticker. Let those who follow know you vote and don't have to be union to do so!. Free Melania personalized bumper sticker lets you personalize this sticker by changing the text, fonts and colors or adding your own images. And really, shouldn't someone free Melania from being married to Donald Trump? So much worse than prison.? Free people are not equal. Equal people are not free. + Instead of Old School we got New School. Because they were born to late!!...Simple math to me....If you are free to be a liberal, thank a person with a gun.? "Freedom Isn't Free" bumper sticker with "Live Free Or Die" bumper sticker Jobs Not Mobs! This republican bumper sticker promotes the concept of a robust free market economy and a calm, rational, non-violent form of government! Spread The message! Buy Now! + Boil the election down to the real choices: Freedom or Free Stuff. You only ever get one. A vote for Romney is a vote for Freedom. Spread the word. ! Show your support for John McCain and Sarah Palin! Please be sure to visit our Zazzle store for more fun McCain/Palin items! If you want one of our designs on a different style or type of item, please e-mail us at admin@juliahutchins.com.. LAWS: WE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE, AND WHAT THEY ARE WORTH! THEY ARE SPIDER WEBS FOR THE RICH AND MIGHTY, STEEL CHAINS FOR THE POOR AND WEAK, FISHING NETS IN THE HANDS OF THE GOVERNMENT. and Free the Cigarettes!!!? "The State is the legal apparatus perverted, forever seeking out the means of its own support and finding it in the form of interest groups yearning for special privilege. The State has economic advantage to dispense, and there are pressure groups, factions, and individuals organized to take advantage of the give-aways. Thus a cabal forms, part political and part private, using public power for private advantage.". Show everyone we need to make America free again with this bumper sticker! ! Who do you think I'm talking about? Why, politicians, of course. Both parties.. America is already Great. Lets concentrate on making America Smart once again....You know that the news programs aren't telling you the truth. Don't you? (or) Serving as a motto to the state of New Hampshire, this statement shows your unwillingness to give up liberty without a fight. Liberty is the only way to live. with A vintage American eagle and flag, with a banner emblazoned with the words, Live Free, or Die, is a great gift for the true American who isn't afraid to proclaim their patriotism! + Our best quote in a long time QR Code sticker redirecting people to LP.ORG, A road sign that let's you put the message on it. Go for it!!!. If you are free to be a liberal, thank a person with a gun. Freedom or Free Stuff You Don't Get Both with image of irish free derry corner and wall whit "you are now entering free derry" slogan Live Free Or Die, America?