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Make out with me opposum and A number of my friends are Opossum fans, this is for them....What says Happy Holidays better than a Opossum hiding in your Christmas Tree?! We all love the holidays but lets be honest... by the end of it, we're all generally ready for them to be over. This lovely little opossum is an original artistic taxidermy piece by artist Jeremy Johnson of Meddling with Nature. (or) The best jerky that money can buy! Find it at your favorite market in the "HICK CUISINE" aisle. See More at http://Label-Me-Happy.com (or) Hilarious dead possum cartoon design for roadkill humor. Unique gift idea. Can also add custom text when ordering. with Send a joke to put a smile on a face. or Yum, creamed possum. Funny recipe card to share your favorite recipes.. You know who they are. They're pale. They're dashing. They're creatures of the night. They're albino possums, of course! What did you think they were, vampires? This funny postcard shows a white opossum wearing a red cape with the words, "Albino 'Possum / Vampires aren't the only pale, dashing creatures of the night." This cartoon opossum is so awesome with his little pink sunglasses. Hilarious....This is an awesome Opossum Design that expresses love for the opossum family and rodent and rat like animals. A motivational and inspirational possum pun, anything is possible! Gift for possum lovers.. Get your squad together to trash it up with this funny, "Garbage Gang" raccoon and opossum design. Perfect for animal humor, being garbage, raccoon memes, and opossum jokes! (or)