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This fun vintage trailer trash item is one of many retro vintage 1950s themed partyware items for your camper camping or white trash/trailer trash themed party. Check out the attached collection to view the full range. Lots of color combinations to choose from including; retro red and green, lime green, pink and blue and orange. Polkadots and flowers decorate the camper vans. You will find campervan decor in this theme in the 'Home Decor' category of this store. _____________________________________ For assistance or custom design contact designer LeahG via the tab below. + This funny redneck keychain is ideal for your favorite redneck or hillbilly. Makes a great gift or party favor. Easy to customize but contact me if you require help. This is part of a collection of matching and coordinated redneck themed products. + The Trailer Park, Where life is Deep fried and double wide. Hilarious Trailer Park Shirts and Gifts for anyone who has visited different States while on vacation as souvenir gifts .. just moved out of state to a new home, or just wants to be funny about where they live. This hillbilly, redneck, country fried, hickerbilly, rockabilly what ever you want to call them family is reminiscent of Deliverance and funny as hell. Also a Great gift to take home with you when on Student trips. Funny Birthday Gifts, Wedding Gift, Christmas gifts, Graduation Gifts, Retirement gifts.. Rednecks Rock? A funny redneck version of the "Cool Story, Bro" craze. There ain't nobody called bro in our trailer trash neighbourhood. Around here they're called "Bubba", and the stories he has to tell will definately need another beer to sit through., Mmmm, the magical fruit and a staple in any Redneck's kitchen cupboard. Serve yourself some of these sloppy, gas inducing, little tasty treats. This funny image is the perfect gift for anyone who thinks great things come from a can....You Say Potato I Say Tater Tot ! They cant say they forgot now can they + Real Women Fart Protip: You may not actually want to get this as a tattoo. It seems that the spelling is off. Unless you think you'll have no regrets.,