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Statin the obvious, the postman wants the world to know that along with oil and water, corporate greed and public welfare don't mix. or (FRONT)*FEATURES AN ORIGINAL ART WORK OF HALLIBURTON LOGO BY CINNAMON SHIVA* SPILL BABY SPILL LET'S TAKE THE CEO'S OF BP AND HALLIBURTON TO SWIM IN THE GULF OF MEXICO! (BACK) LAWYERS MAY BE THE DEVIL'S MINISTRY BUT CORRUPT POLITICIANS ARE HIS PRIESTHOOD! ! Never forget the tragedy that big oil greed costs in working class lives and environmental impact that will span across the generations to come. The loss of human lives, animals, industry, homes, health in the aftermath during the toxic cleanup. It's all suffering. But for Halliburton and big oil, it's the cost of business. Our cost! (or) Thanks to Big Oil, this year's souvenirs from the gulf coast will be looking just a little bit different. This white T-shirt has turned brown from all the crude, which drips and globs over it's message. Be sure to check out the kids' version of the shirt: . FU BP Anti BP t-shirts - we're bringing oil to american shores? Save the Louisiana coast! The marsh habitat of the coastal birds of Louisiana are threatened by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The long term effects of the oil invading the marshlands of Louisiana has yet to be determined.. High impact design in black of Gulf coast threatened by volcanic eruption of oil caused by sinking of BP's oil rig DeepWater Horizon in April 2010. Design by artist Dan Youra. or