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Products of happy holidays kitten gifts

Perfect for kids or adults, your favorite cat or mouse lover. This image is also available on other products in my Zazzle store. with Three rows of cute cartoon kittens holding up long, slim mauve banners that say 'Only very special people have birthdays on January 1st'., You're dreaming if you think "No more hairballs" is on my New Year's Resolution List! (or) Celebrate Chanukah with our adorable and festive kitty cats! and A large white kitten standing on it's back legs holding a large red heart that has 'Happy Valentine's Day' written on it. The words 'To the Best Grandma in the World' are under the image. A purrfectly fun New Year's card. Tell 'em don't get drunk as a skunk... just as corked as a kitten! This cute card features cocktail loving kitties on a soft golden background with "Happy New Year" on the front and "Wishes of cocktails and kittens for the New Year" on the inside. It's customizable too if you want to change the message to something more personal, go for it! Cheers! Cartoon cats standing on each other's shoulders, with the top cat holding up a red sign that says 'Happy New Year'. The image has a green colored background. ! Kitten and Easter Chicks? Let him know he's the "World's Best Cat Dad" with this cute custom Father's Day card. Personalize this fun card with your precious cat's photo in the black and gray matte frame with paw prints over a rustic light silver wood background. The inside reads 'Happy Father's Day! (my food dish is empty)', personalize the closing with your pet's name. ! "I feel so warm and fuzzy whenever I think of you." You can personalize this card for a birthday, Valentine's Day and many other warm and fuzzy occasions. , Super cute, this "World's Best Cat Mom" Mother's Day card features a square photo of the kitty's mom's adorable cat, bordered in soft off-black. It is captioned with "World's Best Cat Mom" in two cute, modern fonts: "World's Best" in a bright pink, hand lettered typography, and "cat mom" in a modern black sans serif. The inside of the card features text that says "Happy Mother's Day Mom" and allows you to personalize your message, along with a cute footnote saying "my food bowl needs a refill" and the cat's name. Copyright Custom Photo Gifts, all rights reserved. with This humorous Easter card has a photograph of two calico kittens peeking out from behind a wall. One cat is telling the other one, "You tackle the bunny and I'll grab the chocolate." They aren't really mean, but hey, there is chocolate involved. The picture is framed in a narrow wooden look open square with my original drawing of two lifelike Easter flowers. You can change the inside text which simply says "Happy Easter" if you like. ! A vintage illustration by Arthur Thiele depicting a winter scene with two rambunctious cats dressed for winter excitedly sledding downhill near their home. The one riding on the back of the sled has one arm raised in the air holding his winter cap and has slipped sideways on the sled so that his legs are sticking out to one side. In the background is a mother cat with an angry look on her face. The German words for "A Happy New Year" are written on the front of the card. The German artist, Carl Robert Arthur Thiele (1860-1936) commonly went by the name Arthur Thiele. He was an illustrator of books, sheet music and postcards. He was famous for his comical anthropomorphic animals dressed in clothing and depicted in human-like scenes. Dachshunds were a favorite subject of his. In addition to animals, other subjects he illustrated were sports postcards, vegetables brought to life, snowmen, bathing beauties, and WW1 era propaganda postcards. The Internet is full of references confusing Carl Robert Arthur Thiele with another German painter of his time named Julius Arthur Thiele who painted landscapes. They are not the same artist. This card is blank inside for your own message.. Different colored cartoon cats holding up pale blue cards that have letters on spelling out 'Happy Hanukkah'. ! "cat valentines" "cat love" "love valentines card" "cat love design" valentines love" "cat love" "valentines love card" "cat love" "kitten love" "orange tabby cat" "cat love" "cat valentines" This funny Valentine features a photo of a kitten wearing a tiara and a necklace. ! Sweet Kitten Happy Mother's Day Fun Customizable Greeting Cards for Sister. Matching cards, postage stamps and other products available in the Holidays / Mother's Day Category of our store. + Front: Happy Father's Day Inside: From your favorite. Bob the Dawg (An Orange Tabby Cat) is also featured on a calendar and other products on Zazzle....A set of twelve different hearts with sections of my watercolor paintings inside with flowers, dots, and a kitten too. with Tell dad just how much he means to you with this bein' silly cartoon cat. Reads: "You're the greatest dad in the hole wide world" Inside: And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Happy Fathers Day!. Vintage / Victorian New Year greeting card. Adorable Victorian girl with a kitten on her shoulder! A Happy New Year! January 1! (or) Charming French New Year vintage image showing three kittens making music. One plays the concertina, another a kind of fiddle and the third is singing from sheet music. A bunch of pink roses lies beside them. or Different colored cartoon cats holding up pale blue cards that have letters on spelling out 'Happy Hanukkah'., You're the PURRfect mom. Happy Mother's Day! Adorable little kitten hugs and wishes it's mother a happy Valentine's Day with love. You can personalize this card by uploading a photo or change the inside message, by clicking "customize" button on the right side of this card image....An adorable little black kitten holds a red and white balloon and a big red heart that says "Love You". At the top of this Valentine card is red custom text that says "Hey, Sweet Granddaughter", but you may easily personalize it, if you'd like. The images and text are placed on a white background with soft pink floating hearts. The inside has a repeat of the floating hearts, with your custom text, and a different image of the black kitten and balloon. and Vintage New Year's Day print...The kittens are bringing in the New Year with balloons, noisemakers, party hats, and of course, little brother dressed up as Baby New Year! Wishing all a Happy New Year. + I've often remarked that cats look a lot like bunnies. You can change the message inside the card for your own custom words, if you like. with A vintage Valentine's Day card image features two adorable gray and white kittens wearing red bows. They're in front of a Valentine heart that says "Happy Valentine's Day." The message inside the card is: "Hope your Valentine’s Day is as wonderful as you are." or Unique Valentine's start here. Cute Valentine's Day cards from a very long time ago. Every image is restored for the best print quality! , Valentine's day featuring a cute kitten surrounded by hearts. Text: Love is in the air....Charming French New Year vintage image showing three kittens making music. One plays the concertina, another a kind of fiddle and the third is singing from sheet music. A bunch of pink roses lies beside them., Perfect for kids or adults, or your favorite cat lover. Customize for Easter or Valentine's Day. This image is also available on other products in my Zazzle store.? A sweet kittens Valentine's Day greeting card to any cat lover! You can personalize it with your own message inside the card.? This funny Valentine's Day card features a Maine Coon kitten yelling for her chocolate. or