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Coffee cups on pale brown background pattern. or Great gift for women of a certain age!. This coffee mug talks about the changes women go through later in life! :) it says, "I'm still hot; it just comes in flashes now!" You can change the color of the outside of the mug if you'd like. Enjoy your new Hot in Flashes Now Two-Tone Coffee Mug. ! Funny mug for you or a friend of a certain age! with Let the everyone know you don't have hot flashes, that it is just your inner child playing around with matches.. Funny attitude menopause humor on gifts for those of us who are going through the change of life, feeling your hot flashes? Well this could be the perfect gift for you. Great funny PMS gifts for the bitchy. ! This Menopause Lane Sign has provided a lot of laughs for a lot of people...both women and men! Even teenage boys! Some people choose to share with people they know will love it while others share it with those they know will hate it. Who will you share it with? Have fun! ! Click on "Customize It" to change the background color. Funny women's mug is a perfect gift for your "changing" friends, family, co-workers, or YOU. To see more funny mugs, click on our Crazy Cathi Zazzle store link below. with Choose this unique design to add a little humor to your day.. A sassy little mug for the baby boomer woman who still has it, even if she has the hot flashes too! Humorous gift. and Hot Cupple! Cute kawaii Couple of Mugs of coffee? perfect mug for the woman that needs a reminder that half the day she's on vacation!! with I'm still hot it just comes in flashes now!. Also available in a shirt design. You're still hot; don't let menopause fool you! and white mug with red rim and handle, picture of red, orange, yellow tropics sunset with palm trees, and text reads: "I don't have hot flashes. I have short private vacations in the tropics."? I'm hot and flashy, what's your super power? This mug is the perfect gift for women of a certain age who have a great sense of humor and can laugh at their extreme hotness. We hot gals need to stick together and be flashy together ;),