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Products of jamaica flag stickers

jamaica sticker by worldgoods? Jamaica/Jamaican Flag, This unique design features the flag of Jamaica painted on an aggressive skull. The Jamaican colors cover the metallic skull with large cracks snaking across the bone. The skull sits on a steel mesh background which gives the design an industrial look. This dark pattern is a unique way to show off your patriotism. ! This Jamaican flag is finished with rough textures and scuff marks. This unique flag of Jamaica pattern has an old worn out feel that gives it a stylish look. This patriotic design is perfect to show off country pride. + Yellow, green and black design based on Jamaica's Flag. + The flag of Jamaica was adopted on August 6, 1962, the original Jamaican Independence Day, the country having gained independence from the British-protected Federation of the West Indies. The flag consists of a gold saltire, which divides the flag into four sections: two of them green (top and bottom) and two black (hoist and fly). It is one of only two current national flags in the world that do not feature the colors red, white, or blue (the other being Mauritania). You can personalize the design further if you'd prefer, such as by adding your name or other text, or adjusting the image - just click 'Customize' to see all the options....Rastafari Flag Rasta Movement Colors. Jamaica Flag; Jamaican; (or) Love from Jamaica!, Display your Jamaican colors.. The gently waving flags of the United States and your "other" favorite place on crossed poles are an excellent way to display your affections or affiliations. Whether your current or ancestral home, someplace you have visited or would like to visit, or just because you like that flag, this is your sticker! Customize your sticker by adding your own text or changing the background color! Vexillophile offers flags of every type -- nations, states, territories -- and we hope you will find the flag you are looking for here. However, if you don't find it, please send us a note! We are glad to take requests! + Flag of Jamaica. Black pride Reggae/Rasta bumper sticker. + Black pride Reggae/Rasta flag, rectangle sticker sheet. and Jamaica Coat of Arms Twitter: @jamlanddesigns, Wear this Jamaican flag design and show your patriotism and national pride, perfect for Rastafarians, reggae fans, Jamaicans, or Jamaican Americans. If you love Jamaica then grab this awesome reggae Rasta Lion design. This Jamaican design features a awesome Jamaican Lion of Judah with dreads in Jamacian colors design over a red, green, and yellow flag. This one love, irie, yeah mon Jamaican vacation design shows your love for the chilled out vibes of the island of Jamaica. (or) Represent Jamaica! This item features a wavy Jamaican flag in 3D. Do you know a Jamaican or Jamaican-American who misses their home country and culture and would like to be patriotic about their nation? Travellers to the Caribbean, Jamaican-Americans, or Jamaicans themselves will love to show their heritage and national pride. Our design is perfect for a tourist as a vacation souvenir or for anyone interested in cultural ancestry, heraldry, family history, or collecting souvenirs. You don't have to travel to Kingston to display you are proud to be from Jamaica! Other locations and countries are available. Create your own personalized gifts from these custom products. Use our design templates to personalize it or add your text for a unique present. When you make your own customized presents with our cool designs, you won't need more gift ideas. They will know through the personalization and customization that you wanted to give something uniquely suited for them. Click the blue Customize It! button to get started.. Jamaican flag inside font. + We are proud to present our first line of products being offered on Zazzle! If you have any questions feel free to contact us. + Sometimes you just want to tell that special person you're thinking of them "just because." We have Jamaica apparel & gifts to help you make an ordinary day a little more remarkable for those close to your heart with Cool crest design with national flag of Jamaica and Sticker with the national flag of Jamaica.. The Jamaican national flag in the shape of a heart. Place this iconic design wherever you want to promote Jamaica. You can also add a name or slogan using the 'Customize it!' feature. © 2011 FlagAndMap ...Jamaica Coat of Arms Twitter: @jamlanddesigns with Jamaica flag map for the Jamaican pride.. You can customize this sticker to your liking! Add/remove background to suit your taste!.......Or, you can add image and/or add/remove text............. Jamaica Caribbean scuba diving design. A vintage style retro red scuba flag background with navy blue scuba diver....Elegant patriotic rectangular home sticker with Flag of Jamaica. This product its customizable....Jamaica sticker The flag of Jamaica was adopted on August 6, 1962, the original Jamaican Independence Day, the country having gained independence from the British-protected Federation of the West Indies. The flag consists of a gold saltire, which divides the flag into four sections: two of them green (top and bottom) and two black (hoist and fly). The present design emerged from those sent in by the public in a national competition. It was originally designed with horizontal stripes, but this was considered too similar to the Tanganyikan flag, and so the saltire was substituted. Black, green, and gold are Pan-African colors. An earlier interpretation of the colors was, "hardships there are but the land is green and the sun shineth": gold recalls the shining sun, black reflects hardships, and green represents the land. However, that was changed to the colour black representing the strength and creativity of the people which has allowed them to overcome the odds, yellow for the golden sunshine and green for the lush vegetation of the island. or Show your Jamaican sense of pride with this Jamaica flag merchandise, in black, yellow and green national colors. Support the culture and pride of the caribbean islands in reggae, track and field and sports with this stylish merchandise. This design is avaliable as a complete collection including apparel, drinkware, accessories, unique gifts and More! ? Classic Jamaica flag design available on many products in our store! Show your Jamaican pride with these special items or buy something for that special Jamaica native in your life! Check out our store for more items! Have a design request? We can make it! Send us a message! and JAMAICA - symbol/coat of arms/flag/colors/emblem + Rastafari Flag Rasta Movement Colors? Jamaica flag Iceland - Proud Jamaicans - Sticker. Jamaica heart flag one love heart design at Humdingerz