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This beautiful vintage painting by Caillebotte makes a great t-shirt you can give to a friend who loves classic, vintage art. Paris Street; Rainy Day 1877 Gustave Caillebotte This complex intersection, just minutes away from the Saint-Lazare train station, represents in microcosm the changing urban milieu of late nineteenth-century Paris. Gustave Caillebotte grew up near this district when it was a relatively unsettled hill with narrow, crooked streets. As part of a new city plan designed by Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, these streets were relaid and their buildings razed during the artist’s lifetime. In this monumental urban view, which measures almost seven by ten feet and is considered the artist’s masterpiece, Caillebotte strikingly captured a vast, stark modernity, complete with life-size figures strolling in the foreground and wearing the latest fashions. The painting’s highly crafted surface, rigorous perspective, and grand scale pleased Parisian audiences accustomed to the academic aesthetic of the official Salon. On the other hand, its asymmetrical composition, unusually cropped forms, rain-washed mood, and candidly contemporary subject stimulated a more radical sensibility. For these reasons, the painting dominated the celebrated Impressionist exhibition of 1877, largely organized by the artist himself. In many ways, Caillebotte’s frozen poetry of the Parisian bourgeoisie prefigures Georges Seurat’s luminous Sunday on La Grande Jatte—1884, painted less than a decade later. with Japanese lucky charm "Akabeko" x Skateboard and Richard Skate T-shirts? Fujin & Raijin Skate T-shirts This round stamp style manhole design looks great on this T-shirt. This urban Japanese street manhole cover in Yokohama city Japan features its suspension bridge.? This beautiful urban manhole cover can be found on a street in Lake Kawaguchiko Japan. It features the mighty Mount Fuji in the background with a bridge and a lake with flowers in front. This stamp style circle design looks great on a t-shirt. + Japanese icon graffiti art. My passion is street art - graffiti!!! these master pieces are photographed all over the world and re-produced to make stylish, modern and street clothing and products fit to adorn any stylish abode? This round stamp style manhole design looks great on this T-shirt. This Japanese urban street manhole sewer grate cover in Nara Japan features trees and a beautiful deer. or This Japanese kanji reads "Ten" meaning heaven. Inspired by a fighting video game character. (or) very original...udon is Japanese noodles? Famous for its Maid Cafes. Located in Taito City, Tokyo, Japan., 21st Century street shield by Tre@DOSHiNO? Show your devtion to a true Japanese old school classic - The Nissan Silvia PS13K. Red outline of a JDM S13 body with stylized "Silvia" logo incorporated? Are you a Touge (pronounced "toe-gei") racer? Have you reached the Expert level in touge racing? Well you can share your prowess with the World with this VK stylized Touge Expert Hoodie...Vitiligo is beautiful : ), This t-shirt features and illustration of a manhole sewer cover that is fashioned after the Osaka Castle and cherry blossoms in Japan. This beautiful urban Japanese manhole cover actually exists on a street in Osaka Japan. Thank you so much for looking at this manhole cover Osaka castle Japan with cherry blossoms t=shirt. We are grateful. ! Show the world you appreciate one of the all time great Japanese supercars with this Toyota Supra outline T complete with "street racing missile" text (or)