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Inspired by Ancient Cave Paintings and From the Maauro Chronicles by Edward McKeown Three alien machines descend to the asteroid base of their enemies. The ensuing battle is short and savage. The lone survivor hopes either for rescue, or for another chance to engage its enemies. It will be a long wait… Wrik Trigardt ekes out a living in the Kandalor system with his small ship, Sinner. He is caught between his failed past and a grim present in service to the local crimelord, Dusko. An expedition to the Rift Asteroids promises better days, but when the well of time is disturbed no one can say what will surface. For Maauro fans this is a tongue-in-cheek T-shirt Maauro was lost on an asteroid for 50,000 years! So, "Never Leave your Android on an Asteroid" became her motto.?