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Show your love of Laurel and Hardy with this stylish item. A full list of every Laurel and Hardy film. with This jigsaw puzzle has a high-quality, full color image of a 1939 movie poster promoting the comedy "The Flying Deuces" starring Laurel and Hardy. The title is a pun based on the phrase "Flying Aces". "The Flying Deuces" was the second film in which Laurel and Hardy joined the French Foreign Legion. The previous Foreign Legion film they made was "Beau Hunks" in 1931. "The Flying Deuces" has lots of funny slapstick gags, humorous bits of dialogue, and several memorable scenes. These include: Stan repeatedly stalling while the two of them set out to jump into the river, Stan playing music on a set of bedsprings as if it was a harp, and a wild plane ride. The actual film does NOT contain any scenes of Stan and Ollie sitting on a cloud and hitch-hiking, but it does make for a great poster. The image on this jigsaw puzzle is a replica of a poster advertising the 1937 Laurel and Hardy feature "Way Out West", which remains one of the most popular films among many of the comedy duo's fans. and