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Little Miss Chatterbox? A simple black and white design featuring Little Miss Chatterbox, the Little Miss character still manages to grab your attention as if she were shouting in your ear. While there isn't a telephone nearby Little Miss Chatterbox is still ready to talk your ear off. Keep the conversation going by putting this great design on one of our custom items. You can give it as a gift, or keep it for yourself. and Are you a fan of the Roger Hargreaves created Little Miss series of books and cartoons? Then you've found the design made just for you! A waving Little Miss Chatterbox is surrounded by colorful stars and a cute flower. Her name is also emblazoned across the bottom of the print, as colorful as the stars winking in the design. The perfect piece to place on one of our products, you can create a gift made just for you or something that will bring a smile to the face of someone you love. Start designing your products today! and Looking for the perfect design to help you create a wonderfully memorable gift? Check out the colorful swirls, stars, and lettering of this print based on one of the Little Miss cartoon characters created by Roger Hargreaves. Bright and fun, this design will look great on any of Zazzle's custom products. Take charge and build the perfect gift using our custom design tool. Whether you are shopping for a friend, family member, or yourself this design should not be ignored. You don't have to be a fan of the cartoon series to be a fan of this cute print., Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Chatterbox is the star of any conversation she is in. Mostly because she rarely lets someone else get a word in! This design features the Roger Hargreaves character in various fun poses, one of which shows her on the phone, of course. Contained within the confines of a black and white star, Little Miss Chatterbox is once again the point of focus. You can even see telephone cords stretching out in the design. If you, or someone you know, enjoys talking on the phone then this is the perfect gift. Put this print on any of our amazing products and create a gift that will be remembered for its fun and funny design! and Are you trying to personalize a Zazzle product but cannot decide on a design? Check out this great one based on a character from the Roger Hargreaves created Little Miss series of books and cartoons. Little Miss Chatterbox loves to talk. You can see her open mouth, ready to discuss any topic at length. There is even a pink telephone on the print, and the cord of the phone helps spell out Little Miss Chatterbox's name. If you love fun designs, or if you or someone you know is a fan of teh Little Miss series, this is the print for you. Using our custom design tool you can see how it looks on any of our products. Get yours today! with Mr. Men and Little Miss in a cute combined logo.. Make one of our custom products pop with this great design of one of the Little Miss characters, Little Miss Chatterbox. Created by Roger Hargreaves, Little Miss Chatterbox is a talkative little cartoon, if you couldn't tell by the name. This simple sketch of her is done in a lovely magenta coloring, with cursive lettering surrounding her. Check out how this looks on a binder, t-shirt, sticker, or a pillow. with Do you have a friend who you dread speaking on the phone with? Someone who promises to let you off the line but not before telling you one last thing? Well, that friend has nothing on Little Miss Chatterbox! This Little Miss character loves talking on the phone, and will keep you tied up for hours. Better upgrade to the unlimited minutes phone plan, because you might be talking for a long time! ! Time to move onto Little Miss Chatterbox's favorite topic…HERSELF! Whoever is on the other end of the telephone better have a strong ear and great listening skills, because they will be busy with Little Miss Chatterbox for a while. This funny design would look great on many of our custom products. Use our design tool to experiment with placement on different items and create amazing gift options for yourself and the important people in your life!, While you cannot see a phone nearby you know that Little Miss Chatterbox is ready to talk someones ear off! Her mouth is already of in anticipation of a conversation, or maybe she is having one with herself right now. Either way, she'll get the chance to spread her words around. Get this design based on the Roger Hargreaves created character from the Little Miss cartoon and book series and put it on one of Zazzle's custom products. It would make an excellent gift for someone in your life who loves to talk on the phone or is a fan of the Little Miss series. with Ring ring! Who is on the other side of this phone call? It's Little Miss Chatterbox, of course! Check out this cute design of the Little Miss character created by Roger Hargreaves. With her ear to the receiver of a black telephone Little Miss Chatterbox is in her element. If you are searching for a design to use on one of our custom products you can stop right now. A fun design that works well as a gift for yourself, a family member, or friend, you can put it on any of our products using our great custom design tool. Check out how it looks on a phone case, canvas bag, poster, or hat. or