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Here's our beach and ocean entry into our Donor Awareness collection. This colorful bumper sticker will certainly grab some attention whether you're cruising around town or simply parked at the beach, shopping center, or other hot spot! It's one more easy way to start the conversation about organ donation. Organ Donors are Life Savers....our twin design is also available on travel mugs, tees, tote bags and more! Another original design from Kristin and Steve at KNS Transplant Gear. with ❤All designed with love by WitCraft Designs™! Personalize your way 👌 Find and follow us on social media (ⒻⓅⓉ) 📷 TAG #witcrafting and share your purchases on social media with us!! You can connect to all my social media accounts at www.witcraft.com Visit my designer profile to see all my shops and 📧Feel free to message me directly for customizations. 💋 Thanks in advance for your order and please leave a review!! Check out all our original designs. WitCraft Designs aims to please and appreciates your feedback. As with any designs, if you need help tweaking an image, customization or looking for something more specific, please feel free to reach out to me or take advantage of my free personal shopper services. Let me help you find the perfect gift. It is my pleasure to help you be fully satisfied with your design and shopping experience. I can also help you with personalization details at no additional expense. Your happiness and return business is what we strive for. As always, a portion of our annual sales are given back to the community with our philanthropic endeavors. Thank you for being a valued customer and "Happy Shopping"! (** Design issues only, I have no control over manufacturing or product issues, please see your order for more details) or worthless,useless,organ,donor,harvest,harvesting,black+market,transplant,kidney,heart,funny,joke,gift,present,humor? Do you want to become an organ donor? Spread the word with this sweet bumper sticker for your car. Pastel shades of hearts flutter across the page, with the words Save a Life, Be an Organ Donor in dark black so they show well from a distance. I have been on an organ (heart) transplant list, I know the importance of this great gift of life. Please pass it on! Moods of Maggie thanks you! + Be an organ donor, Give your heart to Jesus christian gift. Cute saying with a heart in the design. Be a hero. Be an organ donor. A beautiful green ribbon is used to symbolize the beauty of life. Miracles Do Happen. Be An Organ Donor. Bring organ transplant awareness through these unique artistic designs on a variety of t-shirts and gifts....Just a gentle reminder that Living Kidney Donors deserve the same respect and consideration given to recipients. Informed Consent, aftercare, support services, etc. or organ donation + Health Campaign + Save a Life, Become an Organ Donor is the important message this bumper sticker sends. Support organ donation in your community by buying this sticker for your friends whose lives have been saved through the selfless acts of strangers and friends and family and to encourage others to donate their organ and tissues and marrow. Change the wording to I'm an Organ Donor or another phrase. Moods of Maggie thanks you!? Get the word out there. You never know! I offered my kidney to someone who mentioned they needed one in a chance conversation. Note: I can type in a phone number for you, or you can add the phone number with a permanent method (markers or stick-on numbers, and covered in clear tape) after you get it. You could use it on the interior back window of your car if you used clear tape to attach it. Unconventional, but probably work fine. I receive a smaller royalty if a purchase isn't from an affiliate link, so please copy/paste into your browser: https://www.zazzle.com/z/7qwm8tid?rf=238436908364228384. Life is too precious not to share. We have the medical skill needed to save more lives, but we need more volunteers. Doctors will do their part if we do ours. Have a heart, give a heart. None of us can live forever, but we have it in our power to help others to live longer after our own health fails of an accident befalls us. Most people are organ donors - but your one upmanship game is on point. You've really outdone yourself with this one! Make some people blow coffee through their nose on the morning commute, or possibly stay awake on their drive home as they laugh and wave...your benevolent, giving spirit - and willingness to donate your brain for the betterment of this world is an admirable thing. Now get out there and make a difference!! LOL? An important message. Please register to become a donor. ! Every day people of all walks of life and ages lose the battle against time. You can make a difference... Become an Organ Donor... recycle the Love. with