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Artwork © 2017 Jessica Hake, HakeDesign. This pillow is the perfect gift for someone who loves the paranormal. Use this to keep comfy while watching scary Halloween movies or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. This pillow is also great for decorating your home for the Halloween season. The design is known as a witch board, communication board, angel board, spirit board, talking board or psychic board. The design has a distressed vintage look & contains a decorated sugar skull with a starry night sky in the background. Vintage Fortune Telling Design - Le Cat with www.shayneofthedead.com or An adorable ghost holding up a banner that says BOO. and Vintage Fortune Telling Design - Le Cat, CERN large hadron collider with www.shayneofthedead.com or Vintage Early 1900s Halloween "Spooks On Parade" ! Vintage Spook Show Poster Art - "Spooks on the Loose". High resolution, high quality art taken directly from a vintage spook show poster.? Wonderful vintage Spook Show poster art - Francisco and his New Midnite Spook Frolic! + Vintage Early 1900s Halloween "Spooks On Parade" ! Spooky alien Grey head., Spooky alien Grey head., www.shayneofthedead.com JOHNY PARANORMAL Throw Pillow? Sleep with Tom and Jenny with this gorgeous, two-sided throw pillow? “I Want to Believe” is a catchphrase associated with images depicting paranormal objects or phenomena, especially the ones alleged to have extraterrestrial origins such as pictures of UFO or aliens. or www.shayneofthedead.com ! www.shayneofthedead.com Bigfoot products with This DEVILS TRAP Pillow is made for the true Supernatural fan.? This Ghost Ship Pillow would look great on a sofa or bed. or www.shayneofthedead.com?