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Products of ping pong equipment

Monogrammed, elegant, simple and modern design on black background with a vertical wood color stripe to personalize with your initial and name + A ping pong ball with an angry face or simply and angry attitude. Ideal for the aggressive ping pong player., Solid Navy Blue Background, Dark Gray Ribbon Name Monogram Customize this with your name, monogram or other text. You can also change fonts, adjust font sizes and font colors, move the text, etc. Please note that this is a digitally created graphic design that's transferred to the underlying product. The design itself doesn't contain actual ribbon, labels, metals, embossing, etc. Need this pattern in other colors or designs? Just drop us an email and let us know! 2014 ©FantabulousPatterns All rights reserved or Ninja Ping Pong Paddle - Try out your ninja moves with this paddle. a funny accessory to your ping pong game., Personalized photo table tennis ping pong racket. Make your own! Easily create your own personalized photo ping pong paddle printed on both sides. Change image with your own photo. Customize it to add your text. DIY with Competition calls for a little gamesmanship, right? Let your opponent know that you're SO good, you can play with a hole in your paddle! This paddle has the illusion of a hole going right through it, and also fake pips (IMPORTANT: the pimples you see on the rubber are part of the graphics--they are NOT real pips out!) Red on one side and black on the other, as generally required in official competition play and many clubs. You can choose printing on one side only, if you wish.. Black and White Awesome Personalized. This funny ping pong ball has a scared funny face on it. It is one of several assorted ping pong balls purchasable from Superkalifragilistic. + Coolest Personalized Vintage Baseball Ping Pong Paddle for guys. Old looking vintage personalized ping pong pattle. Great Personalized Christmas Gifts for teenagers who love baseball and of course, ping pong. Type in their NAME or YOUR TEXT or delete it. Great for baseball stocking stuffers and baseball Christmas gifts for boys and men. CALL Rod or Linda for help or changes: 239-949-9090 No one will ever get confused about who's baseball sports ping pong paddle it is. You will have the most unique and cool personalized ping pong paddle around. Original baseball designs with a vintage baseball stone-like look. Great Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend, kids and adults. 100% "Love it" Guarantee. Less than 1% Return of Zazzle's merchandise is ever Returned because of their High Quality Standards. A+ BBB Rating, Affordable Quality Products with Outstanding Clear Robotic Printing. Matching Ping Pong Balls. CONTACT Rod or Linda at: 239-949-9090 or LittleLindaPinda@gmail.com CALL Rod or Linda at: 239-949-9090 CALLING is Best Contact Method LittleLindaPinda@gmail.com Great gifts for ping pong lovers and baseball lovers with Old vintage baseball design. Personalised Baseball Gifts for kids to adults. Zazzle.com/YourSportsGifts* LittleLindaPinda@gmail.com 239-949-9090 with Merry Christmas red ping pong balls for table tennis. Personalize with your own name or Holiday greetings. Novelty sports gift idea for friends and family. Custom color pingpong balls for tabletennis games or decoration....Custom Picture Ping Pong Ball ! A snowman is an anthropomorphic snow sculpture. In some cases, participants in winter festivals will build large numbers of snowmen. Because a snowman is situation-specific, it is a good example of popular installation art. In North America, typical snowmen consist of three large snowballs with some additional accoutrements for facial and other features. Common accessories include branches for arms and a rudimentary smiley face; a carrot can stand in for a nose. Human clothing, such as a hat or scarf, may even be included. + This ping pong paddle has a reversible color design, one side is pink, and the other is black. Both sides are complete with smack talk. I play like a girl, try to keep up!. A stylish and modern design on a black table-tennis-paddle to personalize with your own name and initials or Comic Book Fan Decor. Colorful Cartoon Design Explosion for a Superhero kid. or Here's a funny ping pong paddle that will be a real conversation starter! It has an artistic portrait of Donald Trump in a circular red frame border. The curved text above and below the image says "Make PING PONG GREAT again". The image is repeated on both sides. Ping Pong Ninja on a Blue Background.. space cat,taco cat,mexican tacos ,funny cats ,cute cats ,cat memes ,galaxy cool humor ,adorable meow universe cute ,kittens pet cosmos tacos , burrito funny lolcats , Laugh yourself silly at this poor guy's expressions when you play your friends at Ping Pong or Beer Pong. or Bling design can be laid over any color background or photo or Personalized monogram ping pong balls for table tennis. Personalizable with text or your logo, photo, picture or image. Add monogrammed name intitials....Wait, is that a tennis racket? Your table tennis friends will do a double take when they see the equipment you're using at the ping pong table! Made to look just like a miniature, old school wooden tennis racquet, this fun and funny design will delight all players, no matter what their game is. What a slamming cool gift! You can change the text "World Champ" (both sides) to say anything you want. Just make sure your text stays inside the green dashed line. You can also delete the words, if you wish. You can change the background (behind the strings) to any color you want.? Custom Gold Monogram Elegant Black Template Ping Pong Paddle.? I may be left-handed, but I'm always right! - Funny and humorous saying with an attitude about lefties. and Add Your Own Image photo or text and fully customize and/or personalize your gift. (or) Pink Rose Gold Faux Glitter and Sparkle Elegant Monogram Ping Pong Paddle. This Ping Pong Paddle can be customized to include your initial and first name. Dad's Blue Ping Pong Champion Paddle - he may let you win - but I doubt it. Quirky Dad gift for dads. He'll need a new ball too - check out my store or in the collection Personalized name or monogram ping pong balls for table tennis. Personalizable with text or your logo, photo, picture or image. Add monogrammed name intitials. + Crown the master of ping pong with a personalized PONG KING paddle with your choice of background color. COLOR CHANGE: Change the background by clicking on the CUSTOMIZE FURTHER tab. Contact the designer via Zazzle Chat or makeitaboutyoustore@gmail.com if you'd like this design modified. (or) Monogrammed and stylish design on black table-tennis-paddle to personalize with your name? Personalized ping pong balls for table tennis game. Add name, quote or monogram. Cute gift idea for player and sports coach.. "GLOWS IN THE DARK" text in black on a glow-in-the-dark ping-pong ball!* The product description states that this color is "Glow In The Dark Green". *Please note that if you order this design ("Glows in the Dark") on one of the ping-pong balls that doesn't glow in the dark, the ping-pong ball won't glow in the dark despite the words "GLOWS IN THE DARK" being printed on the front of the ball... with Smack Down Ping Pong Paddle - White Grunge Text, "Smack Down Delivered by" with custom area for name., Create your own custom ping pong paddle on Zazzle. Add your own images, drawings or designs for a truly unique product that's made for you! Simply click "Customize" to get started. Create your own custom ping pong paddle on Zazzle. Add your own images, drawings or designs for a truly unique product that's made for you! Simply click "Customize" to get started.. Create a custom ping pong ball with your own personal photos. Add an image of you and your loved ones, you and your significant other or your treasured pet for a fun ping pong ball that's designed by you. Simply click "Customize" to get started. or