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Drawing sketch style illustration of a bulldog firefighter holding pike poke and fire ax walking viewed from the side on isolated white background. and Excellent present for the fisherman or woman in your life. + A cool and charismatic Barber Skulll with his handy electric razors and Barber Pole in front of a metallic-like circular frame. Entitled "The Barber...Shaving Face," this product is a cool gift for any Barber, hairstylist, or your friendly neighborhood Barber Shop owner. Customization tool allows you to add text or change background colors to meet your personal style. Visit www.zazzle.com/barberskull to see more cool barber themed skulls on many more different products. (or) Add this dart board to your party or your tiki bar!. With the bullseye centered on the North Pole, the Arctic Circle is the focus of this dual map/dartboard. Make your territorial claims with every toss of your darts! Quick, the ice is melting.... and