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Event Postponed Announcement Template - Burgundy Blush Navy Floral Change of Date Postcard. (1) For further customization, please click the "customize further" link and use our design tool to modify this template. (2) If you need help or matching items, please contact me. ! Need to change your wedding date? Notify guests with this modern and lighthearted postcard featuring "plot twist!" in faux copper foil handwritten lettering on a rich, soft black background. Personalize with your names and new wedding date beneath in white lettering. Postcards reverse to show additional wedding details, including your wedding website, with your return address and space for recipient addressing. with If circumstances beyond your control cause you to have to postpone your wedding, let friends and family know with this modern change the date postcard. It features the words "let's try this again" on the front with space for your names and new wedding date. The back of the postcard has space for a personal message or more details. + Modern Oh Sheet We're Gonna Roll With It New Change the Date New Wedding Date Wedding Postponement Announcement Postcard, Postponed Wedding Change of Plans Elegant Script Announcement + Simple. Modern. Timeless. Design by © berryberrysweet . Printable digital files are available! Visit our website at for more details! with Rustic Baby's Breath Mason Jar Lights - Change of Plans Template. (1) For further customization, please click the "customize further" link and use our design tool to modify this template. (2) If you prefer Thicker papers / Matte Finish, you may consider to choose the Matte Paper Type. (3) If you need help or matching items, please contact me., These are crazy times! Don't be discouraged though, let your guests know your change of plans with this gorgeous modern change the date wedding announcement photo card. This card features your custom photo on the right side of the design with "Let's try again" in modern typography. On the reverse side of this card is your custom message. To customize this design, simply click the blue "personalize" button and type in your details and upload your own image. or Update to the plan wedding cancellation card is part of the matching simple typographic heart navy blue and white wedding set. Ideal to use as a wedding information card to inform your guests of a wedding or event cancellation, or reschedule due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. Other color options are available. Original design by Sarah Trett for on Zazzle. and Beautiful watercolor floral design primarily featuring greenery and white flowers and modern handwritten script fonts to complement most wedding themes to announce the change of plans for your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances. All text except the title CHANGE OF PLANS on the front is editable to modify for any event and personal message. Contact the designer if you'd like this design modified, on another product or on complementary items. and You have to postpone or cancel your wedding or celebration? Share the news with this simple photo card, with fully customizable font and colors. or This chic floral wedding postponement notice is a simple way to let invited guests know that the ceremony has been postponed due to unforeseen events. (or) Changed your wedding date? Let your guests know with this navy blue postcard with "delayed departure" written in a thin script above a white rope tied in the infinity symbol. Add your new wedding information on the other side....Simple ,formal and elegant, updated wedding invitation is perfect for letting your guests about postponement of the wedding. Simply personalize the card with your desired wording using the fields provided....Need to make a change! No problem! Easily send your guest the new information with this lovely announcement! If you need to reschedule the date of your wedding or other event due to unforeseen circumstances, let your guests know with this simple and minimalist modern change the date invitation. ! Need to make a change! No problem, easily let your guests know about the change or cancellation with these lovely announcements! Visit our website for more designs and inspiration: with Tell your guests the wedding has been postponed and give them a new date or the link to your website for more information with this black and white postcard featuring a minimalist typography design where postponed is written across the change the date postcard in a charming hand-writing script along with a black heart. On the other side you can write the new information and, beneath a small heart, your names in a clean modern font. ! Need to postpone your wedding or change the date? Let guests know with these simple and elegant wedding postponement announcement cards. Chic pastel blush and gray floral design features "love is patient" at the top in hand lettered calligraphy script, with your names and new date beneath. Adjust the wording and level of detail as needed. As shown, sample text directs guests to your wedding website for additional information. with This simple postcard is an elegant and sophisticated way to let your guests know if you are in the unfortunate position of having to alter or postpone your wedding plans. The front is a sage green color and reads "change of plans" in elegant white script calligraphy, and the back has space for a custom note where you can explain the situation to your guests. with When you have to postpone your wedding, inform your guests with this stylish photo change the date card with room for all the details (front and back). Featuring a stylish calligraphy script and elegant layout with your photo. All colors are editable. (or) Modern Wedding Announcement Postcard featuring a simple calendar in soft gray with the words, "change the date" and your names in an elegant handwriting font and a pastel pink heart surrounding your new date, over a white background. The backside has your personal message and return address for easy mailing. DESIGN TIP: For a column that does not have a date in the first row (week), add a space before the first number. If you need any assistance with customizing the calendar, please feel free to reach out to me via the "contact" button.? Same Love Different Date Wedding Typography Photo Announcement Postcard Completely customize with your name and photo! Click on the personalize this product to change your photo and text. Please contact me at if you would like to have a different version of this product made exclusively for you. (or) Something has come up and the wedding must be postponed. Notify everyone on you wedding announcement list with these simple elegant modern photo postcards. The hand lettered script and your own photo will look wonderful. On the back of this postponement postcard has text fields to notify your guests of the delay. ! Modern wedding postponement cards feature "change of plans" calligraphy and rustic watercolor foliage greenery design, simple and elegant, inform your wedding guests the updated information with this announcement. See all the matching pieces in collection Unforeseen circumstances happen, and when they do, let your guests know in a sweet way that you are needing to postpone your wedding date with this clean and classic change the date invitation. with Event Postponed Announcement Template - Change the Date Elegant Greenery Eucalyptus Leaves Postcard. (1) For further customization, please click the "customize further" link and use our design tool to modify this template. (2) If you need help or matching items, please contact me. with Minimalist Wedding Postponement Announcement Postcard featuring a simple yet elegant design with the words, "change of plans" in a thick black script handwriting along with a hand drawn heart, over a white background. The text and background may be changed to any colors you wish. The backside has your personal message and return address for easy mailing. A chic and modern design to announce that your wedding has been postponed. with Need a wedding postponement announcement card to reschedule your 2020 wedding? This cute and funny toilet paper roll wedding couple is a fun way to announce your new or postponed wedding date. The front features the groom and bride as toilet paper rolls and the text "Just Roll With It." The back has all of your postponement details and room for a new date. Easy to mail postcard format.. If unexpected circumstances have caused a postponement or cancellation of your special day, inform family and friends of the change in plans with these elegant "love is patient" wedding save the new date invitations. Pictures and all text are simple to customize. (IMAGE PLACEMENT TIP: An easy way to center a photo exactly how you want is to crop it before uploading to the Zazzle website.) Design features a white border, handwritten style script calligraphy, modern minimalist typography, and 2 pictures of your choice, one each on front and back. This engagement announcement note card is a chic and stylish way to inform wedding guests of your upcoming special day celebration and invite them to resave your new rescheduled date.. Modern and minimal black and white wedding change of plans, postponement or cancellation announcement. "Change of Plans" is written in a stylish script and you can easily personalize whether the wedding has been cancelled, the date has been postponed or any other details have been changed. or The perfect postponement notification for the cheeky couple with an engagement photograph featuring a sweeping view that shows off the landscape of your area and is zoomed away from the couple, this card features an overlay of cheeky postponement or date change announcement text with a strong typographic aesthetic. The back of the card allows you to add more information for your guests. If you need greater customization control to remove the photo darkening gradient on the front or adjust the type click the customize further link below the template images. with Let your friends and family know about the change in your wedding plans with this change the date postcard. It features space for a single photo on the front as well as your names and your new wedding date. The back of the postcard has space for a personal message or more wedding information. + For when you need a way to let your guests know about your change of plans, this change the date card keeps it simple, modern and elegant.? Notify your guests of postponed wedding date change due to unforeseen circumstances with minimalist “love is patient” announcement card with your photo. All text and fonts can be changed. Further changes can be made with the the customization button or contact me for assistance., A simple and elegant design for your to announce a change in your wedding plans. The design features a headline "change of plans" in black modern calligraphy, your message in black sans serif font, on a white background. The reverse is in solid black..