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Products of puzzles

Personalized Photo Puzzle. and Create a custom photo jigsaw puzzle gift for everyday and special occasions such as birthday and Christmas. Easily add your custom photo. + Seurat La Grande Jatte puzzle. Oil painting on canvas from 1886. French neo-impressionist Georges Seurat’s most famous painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte depicts park goers lounging by the lake on a sunny Sunday afternoon. A woman with a large bustle and a monkey on a leash stands with a black parasol next to a man in a top hat, small dogs run and play, and small children scamper about by the lakeside. The painting is one of the most renowned works of pointillism and makes a beautiful gift for fans of Seurat, neo-impressionism. Whimsical floral gold tribal mandala mehndi, henna Indian floral, design on a dreamy Orion nebula shining stars and watercolor blend image. Boho chic, dreamy feel artwork, geometric, circle of flowers, shapes, lines, stripes, triangles, dots, universe, constellation, space, astronomy, galaxy, nature, nerdy, cosmos, gold metallic texture effect design. Aztec, traditional with a modern twist, mystical, decorative, hand drawn, native, ethnic motif illustration. + There is nothing better than kicking back and relaxing with your friends and playing some fun games. Well, this is a puzzle that you can rally the troops for, and it will still keep you occupied for hours! With 1,014 pieces, this puzzle is a real challenge, and really rewarding to complete! Add your favorite photo of your friends to have them near you, even when they can't be physically! Colorful elephant? A photo of the gorgeous beach in Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy with the colorful umbrellas and turquoise blue waters. Monet Water Lilies puzzle. Oil painting on canvas from 1916. Monet painted his famous water lily pond obsessively during the final years of his career, drawing inspiration from the light of the sun and its shifting effect on the water and the aquatic flowers and foliage. This painting features a vibrant use of pinks, blues and purples and makes a great gift for fans of Claude Monet, impressionism, flower paintings, and French art. or Don’t get bitten by the crab like the man next to Waldo is! Do you see where Wally is? Find Waldo in his Deep Sea Divers adventures as he goes swimming with the fishes in this illustration. Illustrator Martin Handford of the Where’s Waldo Deep Sea Divers children book, challenges you to do on a swimming adventure with Wally to seek and find him all the while having fun in the sea!? Upload fifteen of your favorite square photos (perfect for instagram users) with three extra large feature pictures and a dozen smaller images arranged in a grid pattern. Then add your own personalized text for a unique and one of a kind puzzle that can be proudly displayed after completion. Sample photos are my own, public domain, or purchased for example and placeholder purposes only, replace with your own. and Illustration seamless pattern happy dogs - This seamless pattern is perfect for fans of dogs. The graphic shows many colorful dogs. ! Comple a fun succulent puzzle with fellow plant lovers! + Grant Family Photo? pizza ,pet ,kittens ,"tabby cat ","cute cats" ,"funny cats","cat pizza" ,"cat delivery ","delivery cat" ,delivery ,...Turn vacation photos, family photos, special occasion photos, into a souvenir puzzle. It is easy to add the Photo of your choice to this jigsaw format. 520 puzzle pieces make up this unique puzzle. A lovely keepsake of treasured moments. and Super Awesome Giraffe Puzzle - fine art puzzle of exceptional silliness for your unending amusement. ! This design is a map of Manhattan, New York....VINCENT VAN GOGH - Starry night 1889 Oil on canvas ! Celebrate a special day, event or just a great couple of friends and order up a keepsake photo puzzle Several sizes to choose from....They complete you, so why not complete this puzzle with them? This 11" x 14" challenging puzzle has 252 pieces so it's a great activity to keep you both occupied during those rainy weekends! Made with strong, durable cardboard mounted on chipboard, this puzzle is a great way to have fun and bond with the one you love. Add your favorite photo together, piece together those memories, and laugh about old times. It's the perfect fit! and Find Waldo on this sunny day on the beach. This over-crowded beach contains our lost Wally somewhere that you will have to make the efforts in seek and finding him. Hang out with Waldo on the beach and go tanning him. You better absorb what’s left of summer with Where’s Waldo before the sun disappears! ! USA, California, Yosemite National Park, The Merced River, El Capitan, and Cathedral Rocks in Yosemite Valley | Jaynes Gallery / DanitaDelimont.com, For those who LOVE doughnuts, this is for you!!! and Hmm, that doesn't go there... Maybe? No... Aha! There we go! This fun family puzzle with oversized pieces fits right here, in your family game night plans! Add your favorite family photo, and this great puzzle becomes not only a fun game, but a sweet reminder of loved ones, once you put it together, anyway! With a custom box with your image printed on top, this works as the perfect gift, or even just as a treat for yourself!. Please visit my store for more interesting design and more color choice. => zazzle.com/colorfulworld*, pussy ,cat ,cats ,galaxy ,cool ,funny ,space ,taco ,tacos ,cosmos ,pet ,kitten ,kittens ,cute ,burrito ,"bengal cats" ,universe ,"funny cat" ,meow ,"cat meme" ,adorable ,feline ,lolcats ,"space cat ","orange cat" ,"cat funny" ,"cat cute" ,"taco cat" ,"mexican tacos" ,"lol cats" ,"cats in space ","meme cat ","cosmos cat" ,"cat orange ","cat humor" ,"cats space ","cat space" ,"cat galaxy" ,"cat taco ","universe cat ", Family – you can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. Frustrating though they can sometimes be, they’re each invaluable, and you wouldn’t feel complete or at home with one of them missing. Puzzles work under the same concept, of course. Should a single piece be missing, then the whole picture will be disrupted, and although that lone green corner piece might be the bane of your existence as you search for it, you know that things won't be the same until it's there. Immortalize your loved ones in this striking 20” x 30” puzzle, uploading a photo or selection of photos to capture them all! or This design features a collage of scenes from San Francisco, California. with Beautiful succulent arrangements displayed at the garden show. (or) Upload your photo and create your personalized Jigsaw Puzzle. You can TRANSFER this DESIGN on other Zazzle products and adjust it to fit most of the Zazzle items. You can also click CUSTOMIZE FURTHER to add, delete or change details like background color, text, font or some graphics. Standard Studio designs are made in high-resolution vector graphics for a professional print. Thank you for choosing our designs and stopping by the Standard Studio Designs. or Gustav Klimt Flower Garden puzzle. Oil painting on canvas from 1907. Completed during his golden phase, Flower Garden is one of Klimt’s most famous landscape paintings. The summer colors burst forth in this work with a beautiful mix of orange, red, purple, blue, pink and white blossoms. A great gift for fans of Gustav Klimt, art nouveau, Austrian Symbolism, and floral painting. and A beautiful Cinque Terre travel photography with a village daytime summer view with beautifully sunlit rocks and coral blue sea fusing with blue sky, and yellow flowers in front, creating a perfect symphony of nature. The Cinque Terre is a rugged portion of Italian Riviera coastline, to the west of the city of La Spezia. "The Five Lands" comprises five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The coastline, the five villages, and the surrounding hillsides are all part of the Cinque Terre National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a famous romantic tourism, travel and sightseeing treasure.? Upload your own photo or design to create a custom acrylic puzzle with matching box!...Make a truly unique puzzle with Zazzle's easy to use design tool. Add your own images and text for a truly special design that's made for you. Get customizing yours today!? Upload your own photo or design to create a custom standard jigsaw puzzle. with Make a truly unique puzzle with Zazzle's easy to use design tool. Add your own images and text for a truly special design that's made for you. Get customizing yours today! with