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Products of self esteem stickers

Show off your excellent five star reviews with this affirming, upbeat, gold Art Deco inspirational positive reputation sticker. A great gift for encouraging others to be the best they can be. You can easily customize the text on this sticker with the Zazzle personalize template. NOTE: The gold does not print as metallic gold it prints as a muted faux photo gold. + ... Walk Tall! Vintage Old School Hip Hop T Shirts Apparel, Hats, Stickers, Smart Phone Cases and more. and Self- Love Sticker is a great way to show people that you value yourself. ! Express yourself! ! Trendy original art illustration Buddha silhouette. Love The Skin You're In. (or) Here's 100 positive words that describe who you are. The list is just something to branch out from and inspire new words (and you). or Lift people's spirits with this positive affirmation of self-esteem. Great as a gift for family members and friends! This design includes a bright colorful rainbow and the text "You Deserve to Be Happy". with Show support and caring with this reminder to treat oneself with kindness and compassion. Great gift for a friend who tends to be to hard on themselves, or as a personal affirmation for yourself. This design includes a feather in shades of brown and the text "Be Gentle With Yourself". ! Lift people's spirits with these positive and inspirational words! Great as a gift for family members and friends of all ages to show you care. This design includes a lavender purple heart and the text "You Are Loved" on a square sticker. This design is also avaliable on a heart shaped sticker... Lift people's spirits with this upbeat, positive affirmation sticker! Great as a gift for friends and family. This design includes a bright yellow shooting star and the text "Let Your Light Shine". or This positive saying encourages one to be proud of oneself. The beautiful background adds to it. A great gift for that teenager in your life that needs that extra boost. Or for you to remind you that you rock! (or) Raise self esteem with this positive message of validation and appreciation! Great gift idea for friends and family or as a positive affirmation for yourself. This design includes a bright yellow orange sun and the text "You Are Awesome Just the Way You Are". (or) If you don't love yourself, who else will? Tell the world with this fun 'I Heart Myself' / 'I Love Myself' slogan design, featuring a classic red heart and bold black or white text. As well as being suitable for the truly arrogant, this is a great self-esteem booster, or tongue-in-cheek reminder to value yourself. A good choice for fans of the I Heart/I Love trend - make a statement and tell the world what you love. The font is the popular Cooper Black, with a trendy retro rounded design. Note that any distortion in the red colour is a screen artifact and won't be printed. If you like, you can add your own touch to the design by customising it. Try changing the background colour, adding your name or other text, or adjusting the image - to see all the available options, just click 'Customize it'. See more in my shop If you like this product, you can find more like it in my store: ...Trendy original art illustration Buddha silhouette. Love The Skin You're In. + Our culture tells us we should be slaves to our scales, but we've been there, and done that, and there's a better way to live. Join our rebellion! Our beauty has nothing to do with how much we weigh. Place this sticker on your bathroom scale (if you must use it), on your mirror...anywhere you need a reminder that you're beautiful no matter what that number says. with More products available at www.zazzle.com/naturalme For more information on this wonderful children's book about building self esteem see improudtobenaturalme.com.. Reward your child's hard work with these cool school stickers! Perfect for teachers and parents.? Tell them how Awesome and wonderful they are on customized wall art decals for every occasion. + Soft pink heart design for 1) people that love themselves and 2) people that love the state of Maine. or This 3rd or solar plexus chakra sticker will help you stand with a little more confidence. That's because I embedded clearing, balancing energy in the original designs while I created them. Your third chakra is your power center. You realize you are unique in all the world! Click on the link to The Power of You Store for more original chakra clearing art. + Why fight the system? Let the males in your life know how much you appreciate their attentions.. Positive Affirmation motivation about self esteem and confidence on a beautiful and peaceful background photo. (or) Reward your child's hard work with these cool school stickers! Perfect for teachers and parents., In a world where every Millennial has been taught that they are unique, special, and melt under any type of pressure, they are called a "snowflake". Let's not allow this. Help them to be strong, self-assured, and reasonable. No snowflakes! or Your body is healthy; your mind is brilliant; your soul is tranquil. Positive affirmation. Manifestation. Chevron pattern (or) This sticker carries an inspirational quote: "THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WHO WANT YOU TO GIVE UP. DON'T LET THEM WIN". It conveys determination and perseverance, positive thinking. The text is in black and red, on a calming green background.? Round sticker with an image of a dazzling deep red ruby. See the entire Gemstones & Medallions Sticker collection in the CARDS, POSTCARDS & STICKERS section.. Believe in Yourself. Two circles of colorful stars surround the statement, "We're all stars!" printed on stickers. A great reminder to remember the best in all of us. Can also be customized with your own affirmation message on the template form. Thank you for shopping CherylsArt on Zazzle: http://www.zazzle.com/CherylsArt*/ ! A great little motivational piece with many meanings. and This is the perfect sticker. Put it on the back of your car and then sit at some green traffic lights. When you've had enough honks for the day and you feel really sexy then you can drive off . . .. This design features a message of encouragement: Smile you're amazing!. The word Smile is written in blue cursive watercolor text. Easily add a name or other text to personalize this design. with A pretty girly pink design on stickers with the message "I believe in you" on them. The text is customizable or can be removed as well as the pink stripe. This is a great way to show support to others who may be suffering from low self esteem imposed by others or verbal and emotional abuse. So many of us who struggle with body image, or eating disorders feel that we have to starve ourselves or be skinny order to be "good enough." Put this sticker on your mirror, scale...anywhere, to remind you at times when you might be most triggered that you are beautiful, and that you--all by yourself--are enough.. These products are designed to help remind you how special people are in your life and yourself.. I Love Me. Whatever it is, I am worth it. Love yourself even more. I Love Me Heart Me self esteem love yourself confidence dignity self love self worth morale self respect self assurance or