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Enjoy spreading the laughter with this funny fishing humor tee shirt by artist Bill Abbott; it’ll make a great present for someone on your gift list! Bill Abbott's cartoon "Spectickles" the internationally syndicated comic has also appeared in Hallmark U.K., Reader's Digest and other fine magazines!, All of us are really shark bait. Especially if you are swimming on the North Shore. Be prepared. + Shark Bait--Great designs from zazzlecom/BootsPlace*, Unique gifts for the ones you love. Or Create your own personalized product using one of your own images, designs, or text. Just click the "customize it" button on most of our products Thanks for Shopping at our store.? Fun T-shirt design with the words Shark Bait in light blue, with big bites taken out. Great for shark lovers and surfers alike. and Cool surfer girl shark bait tshirt with a Hammerhead Shark swimming in the ocean, circling looking for food, with red splashes of blood in the water. If you surf or swim in the sea, be careful you don't become shark bait! Shark Bait Bite Blood Spots Women's Beach T-Shirt (or) Shark Bait Hoo Ha Ha Funny Shark of Week, Amity Island Bait and Tackle Retro Fishing and <3 add="" some="" fun="" to="" your="" wardrobe="" with="" this="" funny="" shirt="" or="" give="" it="" as="" the="" perfect="" _gift21_21_21_=""></3><3 makes="" a="" great="" gift="" for="" any="" holiday="" or="" just="" as="" surprise="" friend="" relative="" that="" enjoys="" retro="" vintage="" style="" stuff="" and="" _doesn27_t="" like="" to="" be="" touched="" get="" too="" close="" others.="" choose="" your="" size="" color.="">>> ADD TO CART NOW </3> or Add some fun to your wardrobe with this funny shirt or give it as the perfect gift!!! Makes a great gift for any holiday or just as a surprise for a friend or relative that enjoys retro vintage style stuff and doesn't like to be touched or get too close to others. Choose your size and color. ADD TO CART NOW! or This rascal shark uses the only means of camouflage available to him.. a surf board. Watch out, or you'll be shark bait! Disney Finding Nemo Finding Dory Shark Bait Disney Land Disney World shark ! Shark Bait Hoo Haha funny men's shirt Original shirt designs for you by funenuf ! No matter if it's sushi or a lunker from your fishing hole, it's delicious. ! Adorable birthday t-shirt matches our Shark Bait birthday party invitations and party supplies. Design features a cute smiling blue shark with your child's age alongside and name beneath.. Shark bait tee shirt. Diving humor. (or)