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This blue Maori Stingray shirt with bubble is a great gift idea for all Maori Fans. Stingray can hide under sand. This symbol therefore also stands for protection and security. with Relaxing blue and white pillow featuring a pattern of stingrays and fishes swimming about a coral reef. Other colours available in this design. And lots more marine life gifts available in my store.? Gorgeous stingray pattern in teal and navy blue colours. The tails of the rays are sweeping and swishing around producing a lovely gentle wavy effect. The stingrays are swimming in a coral reef among the fishes. Look out for co-ordinating products within my store. Please ask if you'd like to see this design on other products, or if you have a design you'd like me to create. with I made this product for the person who likes the fresh water characteristic thornback.? This stingray is lying in wait on the seabed. Tail twists away, head lies flat. Waiting, Hand drawn and inked, digitally colored psychedelic manta rays. From my Electric Art series. Great design for beach cottages or kid's rooms!, We're Manta Be Cute Manta Ray Pun features a cute pair of manta rays chilling and swimming together. Cute Pun gift for family and friends who love cute animal manta ray puns....Dreaming of being a mermaid in a lucid dream and experiencing breath underwater and 60's Classic Schwinn Apple Krate Stingray Muscle Bike Bicycle and I made this product for the person who likes the fresh water characteristic thornback of the Amazon product. It is the cushion which prints the clipping photograph of the fresh water thornback of the Amazon river on the side. Tank raising of the fresh water thornback of the Amazon river worldwide is popularity. (Photo & Designed by KOBAYASHI and Michinobu)? Fresh water stingray sleeping on floor of water body....Head back to the past with this prehistoric fossil pillow featuring a stingray and fish from the Upper Cretaceous + 1963 Corvette Split-window Lumbar Pillow or Vintage stingray illustration from the 1800s collaged on pewter watercolor background. Distressed watercolor collaged with 19th century skate illustration in white, grey, brown, pewter, and silver neutral tones. Watercolor pillow of sea life. This coastal pillow is perfect for beach decor, tropical wall art, coastal decor, beach themed homes, and seaside cottages. You can also personalize our art prints with your own names or quotes to create a unique customized coastal accessory.,