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A fun design for the supporters of Tongan rugby. Cartoon style hands, passing a rugby ball, which has Tonga written on it. The red and white, with a red cross, flag of Tonga is flying in the background. ! Customizable World Flag Products - Please feel free to change the text. with Rep both islands with style.? straight outta Tonga, black white music movie hiphop rap Swag Shirt Classic hip hop Dope, Tonga Tonga Tonga Tonga Тонга, patriot patriotism gift gifts present country, out of hiphop hip hop rap black, party graffiti fresh hipster, graphic shirt tshirt t-shirt shirts tshirts tshirts t-shirts, Home Town Land State geschenk geschenkidee, tee tees tshirt sweater heimat heimat-shirt heimatshirt I LOVE TONGA Polyswag or Tonga or Polyswag, This fun I Love My Crazy Tongan family reunion t shirt design idea makes a great gift idea for a family reunion or to show your love for your crazy tongan family. Fun custom greek shirts., I LOVE TONGA...Tribal Samoan Polynesian design Pacific Island design. Wear this to show your love of the Pacific Island culture. Designed with traditional patterns from the Polynesian islands. Tongan kid design with Tongan flag. and Comfortable Tongan princess tutu for your little one. or Tonga, officially the Kingdom of Tonga, is a Polynesian sovereign state and archipelago comprising 176 islands with a surface area of about 750 square kilometres (290 sq mi) scattered over 700,000 square kilometres (270,000 sq mi) of the southern Pacific Ocean, of which 52 are inhabited by its 103,000 people. Tonga stretches over about 800 kilometres (500 mi) in a north-south line about a third of the distance from New Zealand to Hawaii. It is surrounded by Fiji andWallis and Futuna (France) to the northwest, Samoa to the northeast, Niue to the east, Kermadec (part of New Zealand) to the southwest, and New Caledonia (France) and Vanuatu to the west. Tonga became known as the Friendly Islands because of the congenial reception accorded to Captain James Cook on his first visit in 1773. He arrived at the time of the ʻinasi festival, the yearly donation of the first fruits to the Tuʻi Tonga (the islands' paramount chief) and so received an invitation to the festivities. According to the writer William Mariner, the chiefs wanted to kill Cook during the gathering but could not agree on a plan. Tonga is one of the few countries that have successfully resisted European colonization, and it has never lost its sovereignty to a foreign power.In 2010 Tonga took a decisive step towards becoming a fully functioning constitutional monarchy, after legislative reforms paved the way for its first partialrepresentative elections. and Polynesian Beauty Art +